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Oct 18, 2021  11:10 AM | jonathanattwood
Lesion drawing with Damasio 1989 template

Is it possible to adjust the orientation of the axial plane relative to the brain in MRIcron, or other similar programmes?

I assume most MNI brain volumes used now, including Ch2 in MRIcron, place the axial plane on the AC-PC line, approx 9 degrees steeper than the orbitomeatal line used on early CT scans.

I am trying to create a VOI by copying the outline of a brain lesion which was originally drawn onto 9 axial slices from a template created by Damasio & Damasio 1989 ('Lesion analysis in Neuropsychology', Appendix Figure A.2, attached). The axial plane in the template is somewhere between 0-15 degrees to the OM line. When I try to identify the axial slices on MRI I can either match anterior or posterior regions but not both suggesting the angle needs adjusting. Is this possible? Or is there another way round this problem?

Thanks for your help.

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Lesion drawing with Damasio 1989 template
jonathanattwood Oct 18, 2021
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