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Oct 23, 2021  02:10 AM | 楠楠 宗
Age information for ADHD-200 data

I'm a PHD student,I need the ADHD-200 data to do my work. There are two problem. First, I can't  get the ADHA-200 data from the website ''. When I login the NITRC at the bottom right corner of website, the page displays a response and returns to the page. Hence, I attempt to download data from  the website '' But the second question, when get data, I found the subject information include the Sex, Hand, MR Sessions, but there in no age information.   To do my research at the highest level of quality, I need the age information. It would be helpful if you could guide us to access this information.


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Age information for ADHD-200 data
楠楠 宗 Oct 23, 2021
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