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Oct 23, 2021  06:10 AM | neda mohammadi
Installation Error_QT4 issue
Dear Experts,

I'm traying to install DTI-Prep on Ubuntu 20.04 alongside other software such as MRTrix, but because of QT4 issue, I  haven't installed it yet.
I followed these commands:

1. git clone
2. mkdir DTIPrep-build; cd DTIPrep-build
3. cmake ../DTIPrep
4. make

But in step 3 I get error about QT4 and annoconda that has QT5 ......

would you please let me know how can I have DTI-Prep on Ubuntu 20.04 and/or alongside MRTrix if it is possible?


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Installation Error_QT4 issue
neda mohammadi Oct 23, 2021
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