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Nov 4, 2021  06:11 AM | Marcel Daamen
RE: Problem with Contrast adjustment
Dear Donald,

I have changed the runOnSampleData.m accordingly, and get the same error message (even though it additionally generates a long series of additional warnings about invalid contrasts before, see attachment).

Since I had problems with running the sample data using the original package download, I tried some of the fixes that you posted inbetween (for spm_estimate_ppi, spm_spm_WB, spm_contrasts_ppi), I don't know whether this may cause the problem.

I run gPPI with SPM12 in Matlab 2019a on Windows 10.

Thank you for your help,


Originally posted by Donald McLaren:
Hi Marcel,

Do you get the same error with the sample dataset? This would help determine if it is unique to the current dataset/model or the underlying code/software version.


Originally posted by Marcel Daamen:

I have problems with applying the default setting P.contrast={'Omnibus F-test for PPI analyses'}.

I want to analyze a simple emotional face matching paradigm with three task regressors (Instruction, Forms, Faces) and the classical six realignment parameters (which I want to control for). 

Analysis with P.contrast=0 runs flawlessly. Turning to the default setting, the following error message appears, no matter whether I create the effect of interest myself, or let gPPI build the contrast automatically:

Not enough input arguments.

Error in beta (line 19)
y = exp(betaln(z,w));
Error in timeseries_extract (line 370)
Error in PPPI (line 461)

Following the instructions from the manual, I do not see which input I miss to define.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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RE: Problem with Contrast adjustment
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