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Dec 7, 2021  11:12 AM | mc00
No Results Folder produced

I would like to use the NiiStat Matlab scripts to perform some voxel-based lesions symptom analysis.
I have downloaded the newest version from github (as a .zip file) and added the path to this NiiStat-master folder as well as to the SPM12 folder in matlab. After writing NiiStatGUI the GUI appears and everything seems fine. I have also prepared the excel file containing the behavioral data in the special way described in the MediaWiki.
However, nothing happens after pressing the "Go"-button. There is no results-folder or file produced anywhere. In the Matlab command window a struct with the defined parameters is printed as well as the Matlab version and all of its available toolboxes, but nothing else. There is no error message either.

I would be really greatful for your input and ideas!

Best regards,

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No Results Folder produced
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