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Dec 10, 2021  06:12 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: problem about NPM

I suspect this is related to:
if you create these images with Python, please choose an appropriate precision for your data (e.g. dtype=np.uint8 for binary data)

Assuming your data is binary lesion maps (where each voxel is either lesioned [1], or unlesioned [0]), the 64-bit precision is not required, and you can dramatically reduce image size by storing them as UINT8, e.g.
  fslmaths ~/T1 -add 0 ~/T1c -odt char
or to save as 32-bit float:
 fslmaths ~/T1 -add 0 ~/T1f -odt float

 I am glad that my legacy popular remains popular. I have moved my own development on to NiiStat.
 Feel free to maintain and exend the NPM source code and project.

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RE: problem about NPM
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