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Dec 15, 2021  10:12 PM | Annalisa Lella
RE: NBS-NBR tool
Thanks so much for your reply.

I got different results. I can easly manipulate the contrasts in the NBS package but I can't do the same in the NBR package so I thought that this is the reason of such a huge difference. Is it possibile?

From the NBR package I got different components and each element of the component is an edge. Indeed I get the coordinates of each edge. That's clear. On the other hand, from NBS I get a T.max and the components: each components has a different number of what I think are nodes because of this part of the scripts:

clusts <- components(graph_from_adjacency_matrix(T.max[, , j], diag=FALSE,
mode='undirected', weighted=TRUE)).

So if I insert here the output T.max I get the components and a vector of nodes called "membership" which says in which component each node is placed. Indeed the number of nodes associated to a components correspond to the output of the NBS. That's why I think that the components in NBS are based on nodes. Where am I wrong? I attached you a file so I can explain myself better! Thanks so much for your help. I really want to understand it. 


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RE: NBS-NBR tool
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