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Jan 14, 2022  05:01 AM | Suneel Banerjee
2nd-level correlation coefficients
Hi Alfonso,

I recently ran an analysis that included two sessions (task/rest) for each subjects and two 2nd level covariates that group the subjects based on the stimulus modality they received. After completing the analysis, I took the 'ROI.mat' file from the one of the contrasts in the secondlevel results directory. 

I notice the 'h' field in this structure, which I understand to be the Fischer-transformed correlation coefficients. My question is, which connections do these correlations describe? Even though there are multiple possible contrasts comparing the sessions and the within-subjects effects, should there not be four sets of correlation values? How do correlation coefficients change across contrasts?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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2nd-level correlation coefficients
Suneel Banerjee Jan 14, 2022
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