help > Brunner-Munzel test in NiiStat?
Apr 19, 2022  11:04 AM | Lars Eirik Bø
Brunner-Munzel test in NiiStat?

I see in this forum that the NPM has now been replaced with NiiStat. As far as I understand, NPM supported the use of the Brunner-Munzel test for creating VLSMs, but in the NiiStat introduction it states that "[r]esults are identical to a Student's pooled-variance t-test (if one of the dimensions is binomial)". Does that mean that NiiStat does not support the Brunner-Munzel test?


Lars Eirik

(PS. I tried asking about this in the NiiStat help forum, but didn't get an answer, so I thought I'd try this forum, as it seems more active.)