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Jul 13, 2022  07:07 AM | Li Min - Osaka University
Some Issues with DTI Datasets in ABIDEⅡ
Hi ABIDE experts

I am working with the ABIDE II data set for DTI analysis.
I am running a number of analyses on 5 of these data sets, including the IP1, TCD1, NYU1 and NYU2  datasets.

We are trying to run TBSS with these data, however there are some issues with the IP1, TCD1, and NYU datasets.

First, for the IP site data from ABIDE II, the txt file is related to bval and bvec Is similar. Please guide me where to get the correct data.

Second, for the TCD site, although the number of scans is 34, has 33 bval files.

Third, for the NYU site data, two separate DTI folders in each subject associated with the download (dti1 and dti2). We're not sure which of these to use and since we don't have access to the original DICOM files, we have no way of generating them ourselves for each subject. Is there a difference between these two files? How do I know which one to use?

Best regards.

Any help is much appreciated!