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Jul 14, 2022  04:07 PM | MIchael Elmalem - UCL
RE: mesh colour
Many thanks for the swift reply.

Apologies, what I meant was that we would like to get a continuous colour map for the mesh overlays using a standard colour map. So, for example, if mesh 1 was created from a nifti with a mean value of 5 and mesh 2 with a mean value of 7, they would be assigned colours derived from a standard colour map (equivalent to thresholding applied to a normal nifti overlay, where mesh 2 has a brighter colour).
Is there a way to specify the exact RGB values of the overlay (equivalent to the gl.meshcolor function)?
Many thanks and best wishes,

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MIchael Elmalem Jul 14, 2022
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RE: mesh colour
MIchael Elmalem Jul 14, 2022