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Jul 27, 2022  09:07 PM | sabosabo
Error during tiff stack loading

I am trying upload different tiff stacks into current version of Vaa3D. But I am getting these errors:

1- First it says my tiff stack is not uint8, uint16 or float32 type image. But it is. I have checked it through python.

2- When clicked OK, it says, Vaa3D failed to open the image shows possible causes which does not apply for my stack (75 MB).

3- Lastly it offers trying to open the image via another pluging. When I say 'Yes', nothing happens. 

I also got these errors when I tried to previous versions of Vaa3D (at least v4.001 and v3.20). I think the problem is from my computer. Because I previously able to load and trace signals by these versions in another computer. I would be very glad if you help me about finding the cause of the problem.

Attachment: errors.rar

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Error during tiff stack loading
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