help > conn21a standalone installation for linux
Aug 5, 2022  08:08 PM | vasiliy ivanov
conn21a standalone installation for linux

I'm triyng to install conn21a standalone version on Ubuntu 18. I've followed instructions from (using MCR provided at

However, conn crashes on startup with the following message
Initializing MATLAB Runtime version 9.10
Loading MCR. Please wait...
Warning: Removing "/home/[user]/.mcrCache9.10/conn_d0/project/busplab/software/spm12/external/fieldtrip/compat/matlablt2016b" from your path.
Error using fullfile (line 103)
All inputs must be strings, character vectors, or cell arrays of character vectors.
Error in runtimeInitializationChecks (line 12)

How can I fix (or workaround) this error?