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Nov 7, 2022  12:11 AM | Andrew Zalesky
RE: too big matrix? matlab crash
Hi Selma, 

I suspect that this is a memory limitation issue on your system. 

Perhaps try on a computer with more memory/RAM. I can't guarantee that this will solve the problem, but it would be my first try. 

It should be feasible to run a 348 x 348 x 111 dataset. 


Originally posted by Selma Lugtmeijer:

I am trying to run NBS on a 384 x 384 x 111 matrix for the contrast [0 -1] t-test (5000 permutations), and it does run all the permutations but it does not draw the nodes on the brain and I can't save the file and after a while Matlab just shuts down without an error message. When I run it with a 100 x 100 x 111 matrix it does work perfectly fine. Any idea what might cause this?


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Selma Lugtmeijer Nov 6, 2022
RE: too big matrix? matlab crash
Andrew Zalesky Nov 7, 2022