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Nov 23, 2022  07:11 PM | junghee ha
Set up for 2x2 design (intervention study)
Hi Alfonso, and other conn expertise 

I'm having trouble seeing the result for my study, and would like to get some advice.

My intervention experiment consists of a 2X2 design. There are treatment group (n=7) and sham (n=10) groups, with imaging data before and after treatment, which is total of 34 fMRI.
I'm trying to conduct seed-based analysis to see if there is a change in the connectivity between specific ROI region to the whole brain after specific treatment. 

First question is this:
When trying to compare resting fMRI before and after treatment, should pretreatment and post treatment be noted as sessions? Anatomical scans were both all taken during the pre and post period (5-week period), respectively. However, when classified as a session, only one fMRI can be entered for anatomical data, not two.

Second question is for the proper way to set-up

For the set up, I put as below
number of subjects = 17
number of sessions or runs = 2 (pre, post)
Repetition time = 2

After treatment, I want to compare whether there is a difference in connectivity between specific brain regions in the active group than in the sham group. I don't know what the best way is to set the conditions and covariates (2nd-level) to see what I want to observe.
Should I have to create pre, post, active, sham group in the 2nd covariates column? Or Do I need to set up the pre and post in the experiment conditions as a separated conditions (within-subject effects)

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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