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Nov 24, 2022  04:11 PM | Daniela Rodriguez
Thresholding on Conn vs Spm
Dear Alfonso,

I am having trouble reporting the results I have acquired with conn.

1. When I export the results to SPM via an SPM.mat file, even when applying the same threshold on SPM (voxelwise: p-FDR 0.05 and cluster-size p-FWE 0.05), it shows me different clusters as Conn. This is additionally difficult when I try to load in the SPM.mat file into the Anatomy toolbox. Have you been able to work around that?

2. Due to my first problem I decided to evaluate my results on conn directly. When it comes to describing my cluster location for my paper, I can only find T-values for the maximum voxel. I cannot find information on local maxima voxels or their T-values, which is important for big clusters. Where on Conn can I find this information?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best Regards,
Daniela Rodriguez M.

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Thresholding on Conn vs Spm
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