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Nov 29, 2022  11:11 PM | Ahria Dominguez
Multiple Subjects Unzipping Error

I am trying to preprocess about 45 subjects through CONN, and it will unzip the nii.gz file under the functional tab for the first subject but not for any following subjects. For "number of subjects," I had 45, "number of sessions" was 1, and "repetition time" was 0.8. The preprocessing worked when I ran the first subject individually, but it does not work when I try to run other subjects individually. I am working with CONN 21.a, and I have already tried redownloading spm12. I also had the same problem with CONN 19.c. Does anyone know what could be going on?

Here is the output:
Saving file. Please wait...saved /Users/domahr/Desktop/testing_again.mat
Saving file. Please wait...saved /Users/domahr/Desktop/testing_again.mat
unzipping gz files...done
unzipping gz files...ERROR DESCRIPTION:

Error using
An internal error has occurred.
Error in gunzip (line 92)
names ={entries.file}, outputDir);
Error in conn_gz2nii (line 17)
Error in conn_getinfo (line 13)
Error in conn_file (line 11)
Error in conn (line 2165)
Error in conn_filesearchtool (line 285)
if length(h.callback)>1, feval(h.callback{1},h.callback{2:end},names); else, feval(h.callback{1},names); end
SPM12 + DAiSS DEM FieldMap MEEGtools
Matlab v.2022a
project: CONN21.a
storage: 438.8Gb available
spm @ /Users/ahria/Tools/spm12
conn @ /Users/ahria/Tools/conn

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Multiple Subjects Unzipping Error
Ahria Dominguez Nov 29, 2022
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