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Nov 30, 2022  02:11 AM | Dominika Pindus
Error Using MATLAB Batch system
Dear CONN Users,

After updating Mac OS to Big Sur to Mojave, I seem to be unable to run preprocessing pipeline due to the following error:


Error using MATLABbatch system
Job execution failed. The full log of this run can be found in MATLAB command window, starting with the lines (look for the line showing the exact #job as displayed in this error message)
Running job #1
SPM12 + DAiSS DEM FieldMap MEEGtools
Matlab v.2020b
project: CONN21.a
storage: 1039.5Gb available
spm @ /Users/pindus/spm12
conn @ /Users/pindus/conn

I attached the record of where the preprocessing ended with the error. I am preprocessing 6 additional files.

If you have had come across this error in the past and could advise me, I would appreciate your help.

Thank you,


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Error Using MATLAB Batch system
Dominika Pindus Nov 30, 2022
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon Dec 22, 2022