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Nov 30, 2022  04:11 PM | Fabien Hauw
Export thresholded map 1st level
Dear all,

I have made some resting state analysis, and I would like to have a nifti file with all significant cluster connected to a seed in all my participants. I can make it on second level, but then they will all have the same network, while I would like to export this map at first level.
I have the BETA.**.nii map for each subject /  condition, but if I understand it well this is just the r map for each right? Is there any way to have the same map with thresholded p-val and only significant clusters?

Thanks for your help,

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Export thresholded map 1st level
Fabien Hauw Nov 30, 2022
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon Dec 23, 2022