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Mar 18, 2023  05:03 PM | Liana Okudzhava - Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein
BioimageSuite visualization with a new parcellation image
Dear Experts,

I'm using connectome-based predictive modeling to investigate structural connectivity using diffusion imaging.
When visualizing the output in Bioimage Suite, there is an option to load my own parcellation image, which should be a NIFTI file in the MNI space. However, when I try to load my parcellation, I get the following error:
(Bad image loaded parcels_wholebrain_mni.nii.gz dim=168,258,211,1,1, sp=0.85,0.75,0.75,1,1 orient=RAS type=float. Must beundefined​).
Do you have any idea why this could be the case, and what I could potentially do to fix it?
As an alternative to a parcellation image, the manual says I could also upload MNI coordinates as a txt file, but this option is not available at all in the menu.
Attached is the parcellation file just in case.

I appreciate your feedback and thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Liana Okudzhava