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Apr 9, 2024  05:04 PM | Tait Erickson
Error using conn_module for denoising only

I'm trying to use the functional_regression and functional_bandpass steps using conn_module on resting state fMRI data. I successfully smoothed the preprocessed data using conn_module before trying to denoise. 

After using conn_module with the .cfg option within MATLAB I received the following error messages that I have not been able to troubleshoot.

I also attached the conn_denoise_only.cfg file 

loading file /mnt/scratch/NHP4TAIT/conn_denoise_only.cfg
Preparing functional Regression of temporal components (keep residuals of linear model to BOLD timeseries). Please wait...
regression of temporal component (White Matter CSF )
dimensions = [5;5]; derivatives = [0;0]; filtered = []; lags(0-8s) = []; skip = 0; detrend = 1
Warning: Inputs must be character vectors, cell arrays of character vectors, or string arrays. 
> In spm_fileparts (line 18)
In conn_maskserode (line 35)
In conn_setup_preproc (line 1106)
In conn_process (line 5921)
In conn_process (line 61)
In conn_batch (line 1244)
In conn_module (line 486)
Error using fileparts (line 58)
Input must be a row vector of characters, or a string scalar, or a cellstr, or a string matrix.

Error in spm_fileparts (line 19)
[pth,nam,ext] = fileparts(fname);

Error in conn_maskserode (line 35)

Error in conn_setup_preproc (line 1106)

Error in conn_process (line 5921)

Error in conn_process (line 61)
            case 'setup_preprocessing', conn_disp(['CONN: RUNNING SETUP.PREPROCESSING STEP']); conn_process(35,varargin{:});

Error in conn_batch (line 1244)

Error in conn_module (line 486)