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Apr 10, 2024  08:04 PM | alexandre
Problm with fieldmap

Dear all, 

I've got the following error for some of my data when performing fieldmap correction in preprocessing step (conn 21a) :

Error using sqrtm (line 35)
Expected input to be finite.
Error in pm_segment>get_p (line 581)
dst = (cor-ones(size(cor,1),1)*,i)')/sqrtm(,:,i));
Error in pm_segment>run_segment (line 364)
[P,ll0] = get_p(cor,msk,s,sums,CP,bf);
Error in pm_segment (line 119)
[CP,BP,SP] = run_segment(CP,BP,SP,VF,sums,x1,x2,x3);
Error in pm_brain_mask (line 48)
Error in FieldMap (line 1611)
IP.uflags.bmask = pm_brain_mask(IP.fmagP,IP.mflags);
Error in FieldMap_create (line 146) = FieldMap('CreateFieldMap',IP);
Error in conn_setup_preproc (line 2870)
VDM = FieldMap_create(vfmap,{filename},pm_def); %[ET1,ET2,0,ERT,-1]
Error in conn_process (line 5921)
Error in conn_process (line 61)
case 'setup_preprocessing', conn_disp(['CONN: RUNNING SETUP.PREPROCESSING STEP']); conn_process(35,varargin{:});
Error in conn_jobmanager (line 886)
CONN v.21.a
SPM12 + DAiSS DEM FOM FieldMap MEEGtools aal marsbar optcens wfupickatlas xjview
Matlab v.2018a
storage: 2721.6Gb available
spm @ C:\spm12
conn @ C:\conn

Any idea?