help > Import structural data to CONN
Jul 10, 2024  10:07 AM | alileo
Import structural data to CONN


I just started working with fmri data and CONN and was trying to import the structural data in CONN from fmriprep preprocessed data using the automatic import from fmriprep. When selecting the fmriprep folder with all subject folders to import both the structural and functional data, CONN imported the structural data only from the anat folder from the first session from the fmriprep subject folders. I do not understand, why it does not import the structural data directly from the anat folder inside each subject folder, which is the sturctural data derived from all sessions. Is there a way to change this without assigning each file manually to each participant?

On another note I was also trying to manually add the ROI data for one participant. For other purposes I was using the "copy to BIDS folder and import" option, which is not available for ROI import. Is there a way to manually add gray and white matter and csf files in the ROIs section for single participants and copy their import into the BIDS folder?