Release Name: Anima scripts v2.0

Major update release of Anima scripts, a set of scripts that use Anima to perform complex preprocessing and core processing tasks on medical images. This repository is multi-platform for most scripts (as long as python is available for your system), except for atlasing scripts that require an OAR scheduler. If you are using Anima scripts for your research, please take the time to:

- Cite the relevant papers referenced in the other pages of this documentation wiki or in Anima
- Add a sentence in your acknowledgments section or in the methods part of your paper referencing the RRID of Anima scripts: RRID:SCR_017072, and/or the one of Anima : RRID:SCR_017017.

More details on the scripts are available on the documentation wiki.

This new release contains the following updates:
* Requires Anima v3.2 or higher
* Brain extraction now includes an option to further refine the initial mask
* Atlas creation scripts are now python based
* Longitudinal atlas creation scripts
* Several bug corrections and updates to newer version of Anima
* MS segmentation preparation script (registration, denoising and bias correction for further analysis on a reference)