Release Name: Anima v4.0

Major release of Anima and Anima scripts: more docs and a website are coming to town !

Binary versions are compiled for Fedora 26 (64 bits) and above, Ubuntu 18.04 (64 bits) and above, OSX 10.13 and above, and Windows 7 (64 bits) and above. For more recent versions or if these binaries do not work on your OS, please build them from source (refer to the documentation for this). If you are using Anima for your research, please take the time to:

  • Cite the relevant papers referenced in the documentation
  • Add a sentence in your acknowledgments section or in the methods part of your paper referencing the RRID of Anima: RRID:SCR_017017 (should be written like this to ensure it is recognized by search bots)
  • if possible, add the link to Anima website:
Please refer to the documentation for more details on how to use these tools.
Among new things are the following:
  • new website for Anima
  • Transfer of the documentation to read-the-docs: documentation - all other documentations are now deprecated
  • use latest versions of ITK (5.1.1) and VTK (9.0.1)
  • switch all tools to double precision (storage and processing)
  • much faster estimation algorithms for multi-compartment relaxometry (animaGammaMixtureT2RelaxometryEstimation and animaGMMT2RelaxometryEstimation)
  • faster distortion correction tools (animaBMDistortionCorrection and animaEddyCurrentCorrection)
  • faster bounded levenberg marquardt optimization for MCM
  • add MCM scalar maps tool
  • MCM file format change for easier use
  • tractography algorithms do not output scalar values along fibers by default, for faster processing and lighter weight output files
  • add fibers counter tool from tractography files
  • faster MCM registration
  • MCM resampling update: sticks and zeppelins can now be interpolated and registered
  • add animaFuzzyDiceMeasure tool for evaluation using generalized Dice
  • add b-value shell selection to ODF estimation
  • fixes in reorientation algorithms for diffusion images registration and resampling
  • under the hood work in registration: resampling now automatically sets default background value to -1024 for CT images
  • bug corrections in NODDI compartment implementation
  • bug corrections in noise generation tool
  • new release of Anima scripts along with this release
  • Other minor bug corrections