Release Name: 0.8.3-deleted-1472824083

Release 0.8.3:

* A new flag opt.flag_verbose allows to get rid of all the verbose.
* A new flag opt.flag_pause allows to get rid of the pauses in the initialization stage.
* PSOM has now been tested with Octave 3.0.1 and 3.0.4
* A new execution mode : msub. The options of msub are passed through opt.qsub_options.
* Verbose of all pipeline updates when restarting the pipeline manager. The pipeline execution now makes a pause and asks for the user's approval before anything is actually processed.
* A 'time' option in psom_pipeline_visu to display the computation time of all jobs.
* A new function psom_write_dependencies to write dependency graphs in pdf format using the opensource graphviz package.
* Several minor bug fix.