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BIRN Data Repository
Data Use Agreement

This document outlines the provisions of a non-exclusive license for use of data shared through the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) Data Repository (BDR). In line with one of the unique aspects of BIRN, the goal of the BDR is to make data originally acquired with investigator-specific interest available to the community for further study. All data are freely available to the public with the provision of an active e-mail address and acceptance of this standard BDR Data Use Agreement. All Users are encouraged to consider sharing resultant data through the BDR to extend and strengthen this collaborative environment.

By your acceptance of these terms, you agree to the following provisions for yourself and any collaborators with whom you share these data:

1. Security: I will make no attempt to determine the identity of any individual whose data are included in the BDR.

2. Data Guarantee: I will employ these data at my own risk, as the quality of these data cannot be guaranteed.

3. Publication / Acknowledgement of Data Use: I will acknowledge the use of BDR data when publicly presenting any findings or algorithms that benefited from their use. Such presentations include but are not limited to papers, books, book chapters, conference posters, and talks.

a) I agree to acknowledge the BIRN Data Repository and funding mechanisms along with the relevant project-specific accession number(s) associated with data downloaded from the BDR.

For example:

Methods Section: “These data were downloaded from the BIRN Data Repository,
Project Accession Number 2007-BDR-6UHZ1.”

Acknowledgements: “Data used for this study were downloaded from the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) Data Repository (, supported by grants to the BIRN Coordinating Center (U24-RR019701), Function BIRN (U24-RR021992), Morphometry BIRN (U24-RR021382), and Mouse BIRN (U24-RR021760) Testbeds funded by the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health, U.S.A.”

b) I agree to provide to BIRN a bibliographic citation of the final published presentation or article for inclusion in the BIRN literature archive. I will send this information to

4. Redistribution of Data:

a) Redistribution of original BDR data is permitted so long as the data are redistributed under the same terms and conditions as described in this Data Use Agreement.

b) Data derived from original BDR data may be distributed under terms and conditions established by the creators of such derived data. Users must comply with the terms and conditions of use set by the creators of these derived data.