3D Slicer License Yes NITRC ABC (Atlas Based Classification) Linux, Windows Yes C++ ABC (Atlas Based Classification) is a comprehensive processing pipeline developed and used at University of North Carolina and University of Utah for brain MRIs. The processing pipeline includes image registration, filtering, segmentation and inhomogeneity correction. The tool is cross-platform and can be run within 3D Slicer or as a stand-alone program. The image segmentation algorithm is based on the EMS software developed by Koen van Leemput. 2011-10-20 4 - Beta UNC Primate Brain Atlas 2011-10-20 4 - Beta UNC Human Brain Atlas 2010-11-22 4 - Beta v1.4 2010-10-04 4 - Beta v1.3 2010-9-16 4 - Beta v1.2 2010-1-22 4 - Beta v1.1 2010-1-05 4 - Beta v1.0.1 2009-12-04 4 - Beta ICBM/SPM Adult Atlas ABC (Atlas Based Classification) Linux, Segmentation, MR, Windows, 4 - Beta, 3D Slicer License, C++, Alzheimer Disease, Depression, Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin, Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson Disease, Brain Injuries, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia http://www.nitrc.org/projects/abc/, http://www.nitrc.org/projects/abc/