Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Attribution Non-Commercial Yes Stanford University NITRC ArtRepair for robust fMRI OS Independent Yes MATLAB ArtRepair is a toolbox for SPM to improve fMRI analysis of high motion pediatric and clinical subjects. The toolbox includes special algorithms for motion adjustment, data repair, and noise filtering, and methods to find outlier subjects in group studies. Visualization tools are included for quality checking the data, including a movie format for viewing all data and all contrast estimates on every voxel of every subject. Methods are included to quantify results into percent signal change. ArtRepair for robust fMRI End Users, 4 - Beta, X11 Applications, OS Independent, English, Algorithm or Reusable Library, Image Display, Motion Analysis, Artifact Removal, Quality Metrics, NIfTI-1, ANALYZE, MATLAB, Attribution Non-Commercial, MR, Parkinson Disease, Cocaine-Related Disorders, http://