BrainMagix SPM Viewer: License & Disclaimer Yes Imagilys NITRC BrainMagix SPM Viewer OS Independent Java BrainMagix SPM Viewer is a free, professional viewer for SPM fMRI results. SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping, UCL, London) is a powerful fMRI analysis software but its visualization capabilities are sometimes a limitation for the researchers. That's why Imagilys has decided to offer the neuroimaging community a free version of its commercial "BrainMagix" neuroimaging software, called "BrainMagix SPM viewer". BrainMagix SPM Viewer's Features - Professional viewer for your SPM-based fMRI activations - JAVA-programmed, cross-platform (Windows, MAC, Linux), without Matlab license, making it possible to share your results with colleagues who do not have SPM installed - Reads SPM.mat files and NIfTI images in an user-friendly way - Overlay the blobs with an atlas or any anatomical image - On the fly adjustment of threshold and cluster size - Localize your activations in an atlas - BOLD signal curves in ROIs (future feature) - Export your results as PNG images BrainMagix SPM Viewer English, NIfTI-1, 4 - Beta, Java, OS Independent, End Users, MR, Visualization, BrainMagix SPM Viewer: License & Disclaimer,