Blumenfeld Lab XNAT License Yes Yale School of Medicine Dept of Neurology NITRC Multimodal Visual Consciousness Study Dataset This 133-subject dataset (1.47TB) was acquired for and analyzed in the study The primary aim of this study was to investigate the cortical and subcortical networks for visual conscious perception. The dataset consists of two adult healthy participants groups: (1) 3T MRI anatomical and BOLD images (N = 68) and (2) 256-channel scalp EEG. Concurrent pupillometry and eye-tracking is also available for most of the MR participants and all the EEG participants. The dataset also includes adult epilepsy patient participants with concurrent depth EEG and 20-channel scalp EEG recordings. All physiological recordings were made concurrently with a custom visual perception task. Multimodal Visual Consciousness Study Dataset XNAT License, Computational Neuroscience, MR, EEG/MEG,