Neurophysics Department Freeware Yes Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences NITRC CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools Yes With 7 Tesla MRI, neuroscientists can investigate the structure of the human brain with enhanced resolution, currently up to 350µm isotropic in vivo. Quantitative MR contrasts and increased level of detail within tissues reveal many fine anatomical structures, but require efficient computational methods that handle various contrasts and scale well with data complexity. The CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools provide a fully automated processing pipeline for cortical analysis of structural MR images at a resolution of up to 400µm, including skull stripping, whole brain segmentation, cortical extraction, surface inflation and mapping, as well as dedicated tools for profile estimation across the cortical thickness. The tools are released as a set of plug-ins for the MIPAV software package and the JIST pipeline environment. They are therefore cross-platform and compatible with a wide variety of file formats. 2017-3-02 CBS Tools in Python 3.1.0 2017-3-02 CBS Tools 3.1.0 2016-7-21 QSM venography delineations 2016-7-08 CBS Tools 3.0.9 2016-2-29 CBS Tools 3.0.8 + JIST-CRUISE 3.2 bundle 2016-2-29 CBS Tools 3.0.8 2015-9-10 CBS Tools 3.0.7 2015-7-15 CBS Tools 3.0.6 2015-3-12 CBS Tools 3.0.5 2015-2-03 Open Science CBS Neuroimaging Repository 2015-1-06 CBS Tools 3.0.4 2014-9-09 ChroMa cerebellum atlas 2014-7-29 CBS Tools 3.0.2 (update) 2014-7-16 CBS Tools 3.0.1 (bundle) 2014-4-14 CBS Tools 3.0 (bundle) 2013-10-17 HCP processed data 2012-11-06 CBS Tools release 2.0 (bundle) 2012-10-19 Windows/Mac license patch for 1.1 2012-6-20 CBS High-res tools R1.1 update 2012-6-19 CBS High-res tools R1.1 Bundle 2012-6-05 CBS High-res tools R1 Bundle CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools MR, Freeware,