BSD License, GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes NITRC CIFTI Connectivity File Format Yes MATLAB, C++ Tim Coalson CIFTI (Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative) standardizes file formats for the storage of connectivity data. These formats are developed by the Human Connectome Project and other interested parties. The CIFTI-2 specification is in pdf files attached to forum posts, see: The specification of CIFTI-1 is on the MediaWiki link to the left. Access the CIFTI discussion forum using the Forums entry in the menu on the left. Subscribe to the discussion forum and you will be informed about issues involving the CIFTI file formats via email. 2016-4-04 4 - Beta CIFTI-2 example files v1.2 2015-3-27 4 - Beta cifti-matlab 2014-11-04 4 - Beta ciftiopen 2014-4-30 4 - Beta CiftiLib 2014-3-26 4 - Beta deprecated: CIFTI-2 XML parser v2.0.1 2011-6-16 4 - Beta deprecated: 1.0.1 CIFTI Connectivity File Format MATLAB, 4 - Beta, C++, Developers, CIFTI, EEG/MEG/ECoG, File Format, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer Disease, MR, Algorithm or Reusable Library, BSD License, GNU General Public License (GPL),