GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes NITRC Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK) SunOS/Solaris, Other OS, Linux, MacOS, Cygwin, Windows Yes C++, sh/bash, C Greg Jefferis A software toolkit for computational morphometry of biomedical images, CMTK comprises a set of command line tools and a back-end general-purpose library for processing and I/O. The command line tools primarily provide the following functionality: registration (affine and nonrigid; single and multi-channel; pairwise and groupwise), image correction (MR bias field estimation; interleaved image artifact correction; EPI unwarping), processing (filters; combination of segmentations via voting and STAPLE; shape-based averaging), statistics (t-tests; general linear model). CMTK is implemented in C++ with parallel processing using POSIX Threads (SMP), OpenMP (SMP), Grand Central Dispatch (SMP), and CUDA (GPU). Supported file formats include Analyze (r/w), NIFTI (r/w), Nrrd (r/w), DICOM (read), BioRad (read). Data exchange with other toolkits, such as ITK, FSL, AFNI, SPM, etc. is thus easily accomplished. 2016-1-24 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 3.3.1 2015-1-31 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 3.2.3 2014-8-01 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 3.2.2 Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK) End Users, Developers, 5 - Production/Stable/Mature, GNU General Public License (GPL), C, C++, Linux, SunOS/Solaris, Windows, MacOS, Console (Text Based), X11 Applications, Win32 (MS Windows), Other OS, English, Algorithm or Reusable Library, Atlas Application, Image Reconstruction, Workflow, Two Dimensional Display, Principal Component Analysis, Linear, Artifact Removal, Resampling, Warping, Image-to-Image, Anatomic, NIfTI-1, DICOM, ANALYZE, Other Format, sh/bash, Nrrd, Cygwin, Format Conversion, MR, Domain Independent, Alzheimer Disease, Autistic Disorder, Brain Concussion, Depression, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain Injuries,