GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes NITRC Connectome Viewer Windows, Linux, MacOS Yes Python, C++ Connectome Viewer is free, open source, cross-platform Python-based software application for visualization and analysis in connectome research. Features of the software include: * Connectome File Format including metadata, networks, surfaces, volumes, track files * Complex network analysis toolboxes * Modular plugin architecture for extensibility * Mayavi2 for 3D Scientific Visualization and Plotting * Interactive data manipulation and scripting capabilities * Neuroimaging and Diffusion in Python libraries Connectome Viewer Animation, Tractography, Three Dimensional Display, Atlas Application, Format Conversion, Volume Rendering, Surface Rendering, Two Dimensional Display, 4 - Beta, MR, X11 Applications, Win32 (MS Windows), End Users, Developers, GNU General Public License (GPL), English, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Python, C++, GIfTI, NIfTI-1, Other Format, Child Development Disorders, Pervasive, Brain Injuries,