Apache License 2.0 Yes NITRC The DANDI Archive Yes Yaroslav Halchenko DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration DANDI is a platform for publishing, sharing, and processing neurophysiology data funded by the BRAIN Initiative. The platform is now available for data upload and distribution. If you would like to be kept informed of updates, please sign up for our newsletter (https://mailchi.mp/7c90915cdcc3/dandi-newsletter-signup) The archive is available using the Data Portal link (https://dandiarchive.org/). For instructions on how to interact with the archive see this link (https://www.dandiarchive.org/handbook/). The DANDI Archive Database, Data, Microscopy, Computational Neuroscience, BRAIN Initiative, Apache License 2.0 http://www.nitrc.org/projects/dandi/, http://http://dandiarchive.org yoh@onerussian.com