BSD License Yes NITRC Data Format Tools MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like Yes Python DFT is a loose collection of programs and configuration options that intend to make working with data more transparent to formats. Currently available is a basic specification for NIfTI-1 for the UNIX file command and proof of concept code for the concept of treating data as an abstract concept and instantiating physical instances on demand. 2011-7-19 3 - Alpha Other 2011-7-19 3 - Alpha DICOM 2011-7-18 3 - Alpha v0.2.0 2011-6-30 3 - Alpha Web and user fs v0.1 2011-6-30 3 - Alpha file(1) magic v0.1 Data Format Tools English, Console (Text Based), NIfTI-1, 3 - Alpha, Web Environment, Developers, System Administrators, End Users, MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like, Python, DICOM, MR, Other Software Resource, Format Conversion, Visualization, BSD License,