Center for Biomedical Imaging DKE License Yes Medical University of South Carolina NITRC Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator Windows Vista, Windows XP Yes C++, MATLAB Siddhartha Dhiman Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator (DKE) is a software tool for post-processing diffusional kurtosis imaging (DKI) datasets that includes a suite of command-line programs along with a graphical user interface (GUI). DKE supports 32-, 64-bit Windows and linux. DKE generates a set of kurtosis (axial, mean, radial, KFA, MKT) parametric maps with a given set of diffusion weighted images acquired from a valid DKI protocol. Diffusivity (axial, mean, radial) and fractional anisotropy maps using either DKI or diffusion tensor imaging signal models are also calculated in the processing. DKE features include: DICOM, NIfTI and Bruker format support, interactive (GUI) as well as batch mode (command-line) processing, and rigid-body motion correction. DKE implements the methods described in the following paper: Tabesh A, Jensen JH, Ardekani BA, and Helpern JA. Estimation of tensors and tensor-derived measures in diffusional kurtosis imaging. Mag Reson Med. 2011 Mar;65(3):823-36. 2019-4-09 3 - Alpha 2.6 2015-7-23 3 - Alpha Version 1 2015-2-25 3 - Alpha 2.6 Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator 3 - Alpha, MR, Win32 (MS Windows), DKE License, English, Windows Vista, Windows XP, C++, MATLAB, DICOM, NIfTI-1, Super Tensor, Quantification, Alzheimer Disease, Epilepsy,