Section on Tissue Biophysics and Biomimetics ( GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes NIH NITRC Diffusion MRI Tool POSIX/UNIX-like, MacOS C++, MATLAB DMRITool is a free and open source toolbox for diffusion MRI data processing. It is written in C++ with Matlab interface. You can also use the released mex executables in matlab. DMRITool website: Latest source code: Mailing list: DMRITool is currently supported in SQITS at NIH With DMRITool, you can: * perform reconstruction/estimation of diffusion data, including diffusion weighted signal, ensemble average propagator (EAP), diffusion orientation distribution function (dODF), and some meaningful scalar maps, etc. * generate spherically uniform sampling schemes for single or multiple shells. * perform diffusion MRI data simulation. * visualize spherical function field (e.g. dODF field, EAP profile field) 2015-8-04 latest code 2015-3-09 v0.1.1 Diffusion MRI Tool Algorithm or Reusable Library, Image Reconstruction, Modeling, Visualization, MR, GNU General Public License (GPL), English, POSIX/UNIX-like, MacOS, C++, MATLAB, ANALYZE, NIfTI-1, Nrrd