Apache License 2.0 Yes NITRC DTIProcess ToolKit MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like, Windows C++ Juan Prieto DTIProcess is a DTI processing and analysis toolkit developed in UNC and University of Utah. Tools in this toolkit include dtiestim, dtiprocess, dtiaverage, fibertrack, fiberprocess, et al.. Most of the tools included in this package are available in 3D Slicer (http://www.slicer.org) in the DTIProcess extension. DTIProcess ToolKit Tractography, Resampling, Tensor Metric, 4 - Beta, MR, Console (Text Based), Developers, End Users, Apache License 2.0, English, MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like, Windows, C++, Nrrd http://www.nitrc.org/projects/dtiprocess/, http://www.nitrc.org/projects/dtiprocess/ jprieto@med.unc.edu