MIT Yes Flywheel Exchange LLC NITRC Flywheel Imaging Data Informatics Platform for Research and Collaboration The Flywheel imaging data platform captures, curates, and computes data for imaging researchers, scientists, and clinicians analyzing and collaborating on research data. The platform is an open, extensible, and secure regulatory-compliant environment for sharing research data and algorithms ensuring productivity, accelerated discovery, and reproducibility. Applications include large and small research projects involving machine learning, compute-intensive image processing, and multi-center projects at imaging research centers, clinical centers, as well as pharmaceutical and other commercial research organizations. Automation of current and historical data - its organization, classification, and labeling - delivers reduced costs, ease-of-use, and collaboration. Flywheel achieves this by ensuring data and metadata, routine pre-processing and pipelines are automated and managed in a sharable, cloud-scalable, HIPAA compliant environment. Flywheel EEG/MEG, CT, Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR, Domain Independent, MIT, BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure), Philips PAR/REC, NIfTI-1, Brain Vision Analyzer Data Exchange Format, DICOM, http://