Optical Tomography Group Yes SUNY Downstate Medical Center NITRC fNIRS Data Analysis Environment Yes Our resource is a data analysis environment for diffuse optical tomography (DOT) functional neuroimaging data. Developed to process data from steady-state time-series measurements, it allows for maximal flexibility in the number and positions of optodes. The central component is an application called NAVI. Features include: 1. An electronic ledger (records metadata for all data transformations). 2. Data conditioning (e.g., frequency-filtering, selection of data on the basis of signal-to-noise ratio.) 3. 2D or 3D image formation and display. 4. Interpretation: atlas-based mapping; automated anatomical labeling; GLM; data-driven methods (e.g., PCA, ICA); model-based (e.g., dynamic causal modeling) and data-driven (e.g., correlation) connectivity analysis. Another important component is the Brain Model Generator, which includes FEM meshes for all parts of the head accessible to DOT measurements. The user can input the numbers of optodes, and manually specify their locations or input tracking-system data. 2019-6-03 nirsLAB_v201904 2017-6-30 nirsLAB v2017.06 2016-5-09 nirsLAB v2016.05 2016-1-28 nirsLAB v2016.01 2015-1-16 nirsLAB v2014.12 (executable version) 2015-1-16 nirsLAB v2014.12 (MATLAB p-code version) 2014-6-10 nirsLAB v2014.05 2012-11-12 Nov2012 fNIRS Data Analysis Environment Optical Imaging, Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity, Parkinson Disease, Autistic Disorder, Stroke http://www.nitrc.org/projects/fnirs_downstate/