Laboratory of Neuroimaging MIT, MIT/X Consortium License Yes Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany NITRC fsbrain OS Independent, MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like R GNU R library for structural neuroimaging. Provides high-level functions to visualize voxel-based and surface-based brain morphometry data (e.g. cortical thickness) for individual subjects and groups. The software can generate publication quality plots on brain surface meshes, and supports many different customization options like different view angles, colormaps, and material properties. The resulting plots can be saved as image files or integrated into R notebooks. The fsbrain package supports various standard neuroimaging file formats, including those used by FreeSurfer. fsbrain Algorithm or Reusable Library, Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering, Animation, Three Dimensional Display, Two Dimensional Display, Surface Analysis, 4 - Beta, Computational Neuroscience, MR, Other Environment, Developers, MIT, MIT/X Consortium License, English, OS Independent, MacOS, POSIX/UNIX-like, R, CIFTI, GIfTI, ASCII, MGH/MGZ, NIfTI-1, Other Format, http://