BSD License Yes NITRC UNC CEDARS INFANT ATLAS OS Independent Andrew Salzwedel We derived the first set of normative functional brain atlases for infants (neonates, 1- and 2-year olds) by parcellating the infant brain into functionally homogeneous regions based on a novel hybrid iterative normalized cut approach. Infant-specific structural (i.e., AAL) atlases were used as spatial constraint. Please refer to the following article for the atlases: Feng Shi, Andrew P. Salzwedel, Weili Lin, John H. Gilmore, Wei Gao, "Functional Brain Parcellations of the Infant Brain and the Associated Developmental Trends", Cerebral Cortex, 2017. 2017-4-19 UNC-CEDARS-INFANT UNC CEDARS INFANT ATLAS Atlas Application, Spatial Transformation, Segmentation, Time Domain Analysis, Visualization, Workflow, MR, Developers, End Users, BSD License, OS Independent, NIfTI-1