Neuro Image Research and Analysis Laboratory BSD License Yes University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NITRC GAMBIT Linux Yes C++ Martin Styner GAMBIT is an end-to-end application developped at UNC-Chapel Hill allowing Group-wise Automatic Mesh-Based analysis of cortIcal Thickness as well as other surface area measurements. This cross-platform tool can be run within 3D Slicer as an external module, or directly as a command line. 2011-5-23 4 - Beta GAMBIT_Executables_1.3 2010-10-08 4 - Beta GAMBIT_Executables_1.2 2010-10-08 4 - Beta GAMBIT_Executables_1.1 2010-6-15 4 - Beta GAMBIT_Tutorial_example_1.0 2010-6-15 4 - Beta GAMBIT_Executables_1.0 GAMBIT MR, English, 4 - Beta, ANALYZE, Nrrd, Other Format, C++, BSD License, Workflow, Brain Concussion, Hypertension, Substance-Related Disorders, Stroke, Thickness, Mesh Generation, End Users, Developers, Linux,