BSD License Yes NITRC GIMIAS POSIX/UNIX-like, Windows Yes C++ GIMIAS is a workflow-oriented environment focused on biomedical image computing and simulation. The open source framework is extensible through plug-ins and is focused on building research and clinical software prototypes. Gimias has been used to develop clinical prototypes in the fields of cardiac imaging and simulation, angiography imaging and simulation, and neurology. 2012-8-28 4 - Beta GIMIAS-1.5 2012-4-02 4 - Beta GIMIAS-1.4.2 2011-12-05 4 - Beta Gimias-1.4 2011-2-02 4 - Beta Gimias-1.3.0 2010-10-20 4 - Beta Gimias-1.2.0 GIMIAS English, NIfTI-1, X11 Applications, Win32 (MS Windows), 4 - Beta, Developers, End Users, POSIX/UNIX-like, C++, Windows, ANALYZE, Other Format, DICOM, Clinical Neuroinformatics, Application, MR, Platform or Development Environment, BSD License,