Division of Mind and Brain Research GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin NITRC GraphVar: A user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity Yes MATLAB "Journal of Neuroscience Methods" (2015, 2018). “GraphVar” is a user-friendly graphical-user-interface based toolbox (MATLAB) for comprehensive graph-theoretical analyses of brain connectivity, including network construction and characterization, statistical analysis (GLM and Machine Learning) on network topological measures, and interactive exploration of results. By combining together features across multiple current toolboxes, such as the Brain Connectivity Toolbox, Network Based Statistic Toolbox, BRAPH, and BrainNetClass (BCT, Rubinov and Sporns 2010; NBS, Zalesky et al., 2010; BRAPH, Mijalkov 2017; BrainNetClass, Zhou et al., 2020), GraphVar represents a comprehensive collection of graph analysis routines for functional neuroimaging researchers. GraphVar offers an interactive viewer that allows intuitive exploration of statistical results. Results can easily be exported and reloaded. The program entails a detailed manual that includes usage instructions and comprehensive video tutorials. 2020-8-28 GraphVar_2.03a 2020-4-09 GraphVar_2.03 2019-11-20 GraphVar 2.02b 2019-4-15 GraphVar 2.02 2018-11-19 GraphVar 2.01c: Machine Learning 2018-7-06 GraphVar 2.01b: Machine Learning 2018-3-21 GraphVar 2.01: Machine Learning 2018-2-28 GraphVar 2.0: Machine Learning 2017-5-11 GraphVar 1.03 'Turbo GLM' 2016-12-02 GraphVar 1.02 'Turbo GLM' 2016-10-13 GraphVar 1.01 'Turbo GLM' 2016-9-15 GraphVar 1.0 'Turbo GLM' 2015-11-02 GraphVar_beta_v_0.62 DynamicGraphVar 2015-10-02 GraphVar_beta_v_0.612 DynamicGraphVar 2015-7-15 GraphVar_beta_v_0.611 DynamicGraphVar 2015-7-09 GraphVar_beta_v_0.61 DynamicGraphVar 2015-3-25 GraphVar_beta_v_0.60 DynamicGraphVar 2015-3-18 GraphVar_beta_v_0.51 2015-1-29 GraphVar_beta_0.5 2014-12-10 GraphVar_beta_v_0.42 2014-11-21 GraphVar_beta_v_0.41 2014-11-03 GraphVar_beta_v_0.4 2014-10-14 GraphVar_beta_v_0.32 2014-9-05 GraphVar_beta_v_03.1 2014-9-03 GraphVar_beta_v_0.3 2014-7-11 GraphVar_beta_v_0.2 GraphVar: A user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity Connectivity Analysis, Computational Neuroscience, GNU General Public License (GPL), MATLAB, Bipolar Disorder http://www.nitrc.org/projects/graphvar/