Creative Commons License Yes The ImageCite Consortium NITRC ImageCite Yes Christian Haselgrove The ImageCite Consortium is a group of image data host providers banded together with the objective to plan and implement an imaging unique identification (DOI) system across a broad set of imaging data sharing host providers. The consortium will review a proposed scheme of identification and attribution ( in terms of its suitability and applicability to the needs of the community and feasibility of implementation in the various image hosting systems. Outcomes will be a conceptual plan of what can be accomplished by the repositories in the short term under current, existing development cycles (Phase 0); identification of additional future objectives that can be achieved with additional, potentially coordinated, support; and a ‘white paper’ document that documents this identifier vision that can be circulated to additional resource providers in order to attempt to gain even wider adoption. ImageCite Creative Commons License, CT, Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR