JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit

Java Image Science Toolkit (JIST) provides a native Java-based imaging processing environment similar to the ITK/VTK paradigm. Initially developed as an extension to MIPAV (CIT, NIH, Bethesda, MD), the JIST processing infrastructure provides automated GUI generation for application plug-ins, graphical layout tools, and command line interfaces.

This repository maintains the current multi-institutional JIST development tree and is recommended for public use and extension. To participate in this consortium or seek assistance in integrating JIST modules in your application, please contact us at jist-admin@www.nitrc.org.

JIST was originally developed at IACL and MedIC (Johns Hopkins University) and is now also supported by MASI (Vanderbilt University).

Please use the download nightly build link below to retrieve a currently supported version of JIST. The previous versions are available for archival access.

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