Yes NITRC MASIMatlab Yes Baxter Rogers The MASI research laboratory concentrates on analyzing large-scale cross-sectional and longitudinal neuroimaging data. Specifically, we are interested in population characterization with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), multi-parametric studies (DTI, sMRI, qMRI), and shape modeling. This repository stores and provides opportunities for collaboration through Matlab code, libraries, and configuration information for projects in early stage development. 2018-9-13 Deep learning bias and variance (HARDI) 2018-5-28 SLANT_test_MRI_MPRAGE_volume 2017-11-14 Deep_Linkage_Histology_NN 2017-9-20 SIMEX on HARDI 2017-7-14 Abmusclefat_release 2016-8-24 TICV_BC2atlases_20160823 2016-6-07 C-RCS regression 2015-5-20 SCFusion_Demo 2012-8-15 QA_DTI_Pipeline 2012-4-10 SIMEX demo 2011-2-10 label-fusion-v1 MASIMatlab MR,